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Price of Gold

Posted: June 10, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Back at the end of March, one of my more loyal slaves begged me to advance my ownership of him and for us to take the dynamic to the next level. This slave who I will identify as “worm”, expressed to me his belief that once he has consumed his master’s piss, he would be totally owned. I was extremely intrigued by the idea because I have never given a slave my piss before. I have mailed socks and underwear but nothing that actually ever came from me. After chatting more, I decided to add in my toe nail clippings as well. However, what should be the price for all of this?

Upon chatting more about it, my worm slave kept referring to my piss as gold and that it should literally be worth gold. Thus, we came to the conclusion that an ounce of my piss should be priced at the cost of an ounce of gold. After factoring in the toenails and shipping, we came to the conclusion of $1,400 in total for the package that would change worm slave’s life forever. Worm slave told me this was the most excited he has ever been in a long time. Unfortunately, my toe nails weren’t ready to be clipped yet. I wanted my toe nails to grow longer so my worm slave could fully enjoy them.

After about 2 weeks, it was time to clip my toenails and prepare worm’s package. Once on Skype, I told worm that we’re ready to proceed and he sent the tribute in full. As a reward and to get him hyped up, I let  him watch me clip my toenails on webcam. I clipped them and placed each one in a plain white envelope which I wrote “WORM” on the front.


Worm asked if he could watch me prepare his bottle of piss as well but I told him that I cannot take my webcam in the bathroom and that I had planned on preparing this element after the gym the following day. Thus, after the gym on the following day, I prepared an ounce of “gold” for my worm. To ensure the bottle didn’t leak while being shipped, I added in a pair of sweaty used socks that I wore in the gym as a last minute bonus (worm still had to tribute for these too). Then it was off to be delivered to worm.


On April 18th, the package finally arrived for my worm. I allowed him to open the package on Skype while I recorded all of it. Upon opening the package, worm discovered the black UnderArmour gym socks which he pressed tightly against his nose to sniff my foot sweat. Next, worm discovered the envelope with his name on it and then the bottle of my “gold”. To me, all of this seemed like watching your child open presents on Christmas morning. Worm then proceeded to open the envelope of my toenails. In order to satisfy his appetite, he took one and placed it in his mouth. He then opened the bottle of piss and took big swig of it and gulped down my piss and toenail.

Worm described the taste as a sweet flavor, which may have been due to my sweet pre-workout drink which I consumed prior to preparing the piss. My worm at that moment became the very first slave to have my DNA inside of him. It was one of the ultimate forms of submission. I now officially have full control of my worm slave at that point. Every Wednesday from April 18th until just of last week, I have been allowing my worm to eat 1 toe nail clipping and take one swig of my piss. Finally he finished his last serving of my piss last week. I look forward to continuing to own my worm slave and furthering this ownership even more in the future.

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Shockingly I have not updated this blog since February. I guess that’s what happens when you’re so busy making money and using that money to make more money. Luckily for you slaves, I worked in some free time to update my blog. I’m sure my blog posts make my slaves more devoted and weaker which means I plan on updating more often about my slave exploits. One slave in particular has provided himself to be extremely useful. This cash slave likes to consider himself to be a worm compared to someone like me, I suppose that makes me a savage hawk or an ominous eagle. My loyal worm slave must tribute $50 every week like clockwork. However, he had forgotten to serve me for 7 straight weeks but as well as I know my slaves, I knew he would return begging to serve. Not surprisingly he came crawling back.

I wasn’t aware that it had been 7 whole weeks since he served so I instructed him to go back and look as to when his last tribute was to me. Once he acknowledged it was 7 weeks, I told him that he now owes that many weeks worth of tributes plus late fees. Thus, he owed $350 (7 weeks X $50) plus late fees. But how much would I declare the late fees to be? After some discussion back and forth, it finally was decided that late fees would also be $350 making his total owed $700. The worm slave paid $500 of his debt during that chat and swore to pay the remainder next week. The much compliant worm slave did just that as he had swore to do. One week later, he paid the remaining late fee plus his weekly tribute of $50 for that week. This resulted in a total of $750 paid.

I hate when slaves forget their obligation to tribute regularly but the upside of that is, when they return to me, they know to tribute big to satisfy me. With nearly all slaves, I don’t even have to do it by force. I just snap my fingers and they know to open up their accounts to me regardless of how much I demand as its the natural order of things. Superior beings like myself swoop in and take control of these worm slaves and dictate how they must serve me. I expect all of my slaves to remember their weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly obligations to me as it’s not my duty to track them down and remind them of these commitments. One thing I will remind my slaves about is my birthday is next month on June 23rd. Make sure to get those tributes in early to me.

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